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Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Christoph Hille, and I am collecting cameras since 2009. My collection started accidentally while I was living in Budapest and next to my flat was a vintage camera store, Soós Fotó, now located in Dohány utca. I first bought a Pentax auto 110 super for sentimental reasons, then an Olympus PEN EES-2 out of curiosity, then a PEN EE-2 for my wife, and a Zorki 10 because it’s design and then a Taxona for it’s size…

As I used and carried those cameras around a lot, people started to ask me questions about them. I quickly realized, that I never had all information at hand, and this problem became proportional bigger with the size of the collection.

To solve this, the cameras, manuals, repair guides, tips for films and shooting had to be collected and categorized, and the easiest tool was a shiny WordPress blog.

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting here,


(If you’re curious: I also have a day job: I’m working in digital advertising,  you will find more about that here https://www.linkedin.com/in/chille/)

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Hallo. Ich bin Christoph Hille und sammle seit 2009 Kameras. Dieses Hobby hat sich rein zufällig ergeben als ich damals in Budapest lebete und Wohnung ein Kamera-Antiquariat (Soós Fóto) befand. Nachdem ich fast zwei Jahre lang immer daran vorbeigelaufen bin, kaufte ich aus sentimentalen Gründen eine Pentax Auto 110 super, dann aus Neugier eine Olympus PEN EES-2, dann noch eine Olympus PEN EE-2 für meine Frau, noch eine Zorki 10 weil sie so hübsch und eine Taxona weil sie so klein war…

Die Kameras wurden natürlich fleißig benutzt und ab und an wurde ich auf eine der Kameras angesprochen. Dabei fiel mir auf, dass ich nie alle Informationen zur Kamera, den Filmen, woher ich Kamera habe, wie man sie repariert etc. an einer Stelle parat hatte. Es war an der Zeit, einen Sammlungskatalog zu erstellen, der Einfachheit halber als WordPress Blog.

Vielen Dank für euren Besuch und eure Kommentare


(Falls es euch interessiert: Beruflich beschäftige ich mich mit digitaler Werbung, mehr darüber erfahrt ihr hier: https://www.xing.com/profile/Christoph_Hille2) oder auf meiner Website: Christoph Hille



11 thoughts on “About this blog

    1. Hi Raj, great you like them! I didn’t do any post on those pictures, b w film was Kodak Tri-x, and for the color Fuji superia 200 and the UV filter.
      For some I ignored the “A” setting and just used the 2.8 for example the nearly b&w shot with the green bulb.
      Cheers to India from Berlin,

  1. Hi Christoph,

    Wow. Thanks for the FAST reply.
    Really nice to hear no post-processing!
    Do you do your own development? If so what is the chemistry or method you use?

    Cheers to Berlin from India.

    1. Hi Raj, as I’m a bit more into collecting than photography itself, I just drop them at the next drugstore. They process, print and scan for 7 € and the results are fine for me…

  2. Hi, bought recently a Yashica 35 GTN … paid 59€, and only flaw I first found was a pushed in battery check button, but that was easy to fix ( open, adjust the inside switch a bit and fixed its position), everything else seems to work fine … but: lightseals were rott and sticky ( does the Kameradoktor still sells them?) AND it seems I cant get my split images in focus alined, the lighten up one always seems a bit on top of the other one, means higher … can it be adjusted?

      1. Hi Christoph, Dropped him a mail yesterday … yes, I hope so too … maybe the camera got dropped once ( or whatever ) as the battery check button was all in … would the image be still sharp if I get it mostly alined and just the lighten up image sat a bit higher?

      2. Checked the flickr-group post, but the link to how to adjust doesn’t work anymore …

  3. Checked the flickr-group post, but the link to how to adjust doesn’t work anymore …

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