Pentax auto 110 super mit Zubehör

The Pentax auto 110 super

The Pentax auto 110 super was the first analogue camera I bought in the “digital” era. Then I was living in Budapest next store to a photo store specialized in vintage cameras. The camera was quite cheap, 110 film still available online and most of all, I could remember the camera: In the eighties in a store in Schaffhausen. My father and me instantly decide to buy the camera, but our mother believed that spending 1.000 DM (Full system: body, three lenses, flash and winder) for a toy cam would be lunatic. And actually she was right: the 110 film was developed for cheap “push-pull” cameras, known for their poor quality.

About the camera: As well as her predecessor, die Pentax auto 110, the auto 110 super is neither the smallest SLR ever built (which was probably the Russian “Narciss” using 16mm film) nor the only 110 film SLR (the Minolta 110 Zoom SLR was first) but the only complete SLR system manufactured for the 110 film format.  The full system consists of 6 different lenses, two flashes and a winder for automatic film advance. the difference between the Pentax auto 110 and the auto 110 super are a timer with indicator LED on the front, a shutter lock and a button for backlight compensation.

Taking pictures: The cameras works fully automatic, apertures and shutter speed are calculated by the camera. Shutter speeds between 1/400 and 1/30 are indicated by a green LED, a yellow LED suggest the use of a tripod or a flash.

Pentax auto 110 super   Pentax auto 110 super mit Zubehör        

Brand Pentax
Camera Pentax Auto 110 super
Year built 1984 (?), built from 1982 to 1985 (auto 110: 1979 – 1982)
Serial number 1452448
Lens Lenses:
Pentax-110 1:2,8|24mm Nr. 1389758
Pentax-110 1:2,8|18mm Nr. 1129683
Pentax-110 1:2,8|50mm Nr. 1416207
Shutter Automatic
Film format Pocket 110 13x17mm
Special features Ultraminiature SLR
Accessories Flash AF130P
Manufactured by Pentax Asahi Optical Co., Tokio, Japan
Date of purchase 08.2009
Price 9.500 HUF/ca. 35 € (Body and 1:2.8 50mm lens) others lenses 30 €, Flash 15 €
Place of purchase Soós Fotó Budapest, Lenses ebay, Flash Fleamarket Leopoldplatz Berlin

Tips&Tricks: Unlike other cameras, the film speed is predefined by the manufacturer. The Pentax auto 110 super is set to 100 or 400 ISO. The “coding” is done by a little button, which is pressed or not by the specific cartridge. Currently are only 100 and 200 ISO film available, both coded as 100 ISO, so here are usually no issues with the speed setting. Wrong coded 400 ISO cartridges can be easily set to the right speed by removing some plastic from the cartridge.
Film purchase & processing: I got some expired Fuji 200 ISO films on Ebay. Jet-Foto in Berlin developed in 2012 still films . Since June 2012  black&white and color films are available at Lomography as well as a  lab service.

Useful Links:  (All you need to know) (Overview and manual)

My pictures on Flickr
Pentax auto 110 Flickr group

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14 thoughts on “The Pentax auto 110 super

  1. Thank you for this, I now know something about a small camera that belonged to my husband now long deceased. It is a Super 110 and has everything except a flash, the are several single lenses as well coded with things like S 16 25.5mm ( there are 10 different ones) and what looks like some rubber rings to put on the lens somehow. I am not a photographer and understand almost nothing about cameras, but would like to find a good home for this if possible, it seems a pity tp throw away something that looks to be in perfect condition. Have you any suggestions.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Lindsay. It makes me really happy that I could help to get information on your late husband’s camera. From your email address I assume that you are from Australia. I found two websites which I would sugget you to contact: and There might be a lot more. In any case, ebay is a good place to sell the camera. Best you check how other try to sell it. Like here: .
      If you found a place where you would like to sell the camera, feel free to share the link here. As the camera is quite light, also shipping abroad shouldn’t be a big thing.

      Good luck and thank you very much for your comment

  2. I’m looking for the Pentax 110 super. All I really need/want is the body, I have 2 sets of the “non-super” sets. I watch eBay, but the prices are usually outrageous, and they include the whole set.
    Does anyone know where I can get a 110 super body in working condition, with a reasonable price? I’m in the US.

      1. Thanks! I did find one on eBay a few months back, and got it at a reasonable price. the seller wasn’t sure if it works and wasn’t aware that you can still get film for them. I took a chance, and it’s fine!
        Now I have a lot more little lenses than I need 🙂

  3. I just bought a Pentax Auto 110 last saturday.. this camera has been on my bucketlist for over 20 years, as i started with photography in 1988..
    Since the Auto 110 is considered the best 110 Systemcamera, i was happy to get this set for a bargain..
    Mine came with 4 lenses, the standard 24, the 18, 50 and 20-40 zoom… and the motorwinder.
    Cam is in quite good nick, only a small scratch on the back, and some dust on the matte-glass
    Unfortunately, the 2 little tabs that hold the batterycover in place on the winder have broken off..
    i just ordered some Lomo-film.. a three-pack colorfilm, and a black and white film.. now, lets see how this puppy performs.. 🙂

    1. Hi Jan, good luck with you Pentax. As it is set to 100 or 400 ASA, I found the performance with Lomo’s Orca 100 better, happy to hear about your results. Have fun!

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