Polaroid 3000 front

The Polaroid 3000 / Pronto! RF

As my big sisters heard about my growing interest for old cameras, she wondered why I buy monthly new cameras, but there are still some old ones lying around at home. Never argue with the family, so on one visits I picked up my first own camera, a Polaroid 3000. If I remember right, I received it as a gift from friends of the family. If I also remember right, my parents were not too happy, as although the camera was quite cheap, the films were already quite expensive back then (which didn’t stop my father to buy later a Polaroid Image System). After the first test with an old SX-70 film I thought the motor was broken, so it stayed on the shelf without any film. A second try with the rather experimental first edition of Impossible project’s PX 100 Silver Shade film showed that the camera works totally fine.

About the camera: The Polaroid 3000 was the “export” model of the Polaroid Pronto! RF. It uses the same film like the famous SX-70 folding SLR. The camera is a simple plastic box, but unlike the similar models Polaroid 1000 (yes, that’s the camera that inspired the Instagram Logo) with fix focus and the Polaroid 2000 with zone focus, this one is a rangefinder like my Zorki 10 and the Yashica Electro 35 GT. But as I might dropped it some times, mine works far from accurate, so I guess the distance rather then rely on the rangefinder. The camera shots nearly square pictures (78×78) on instant film. The camera has an automatic light meter powered by the film’s battery, over or underexposure can be adjusted by the little dial next to the lens. As using flash bulbs added even more waste to my new hobby, my parents bought me an Polatronic 1 flash, which you see attached to the camera. The camera used to have a strap attached, which I cut off for whatever reasons and also a rubber eye piece cover, which I lost.

Taking pictures: Not as easy as with the Polaroid Image 2 / Spectra 2, but close. Open it, insert the film magazine, which also includes a battery, focus using the rangefinder and shoot. If needed, you can adjust the exposure by setting the dial to brighter or darker. In low light, attach the flash.

Polaroid 3000 front Polaroid 3000 top Polaroid 3000 back Polaroid 3000 with Polatronic 1 Polaroid 3000 with Polatronic 1 Me

Brand Polaroid
Camera Polaroid 3000
Year built From 1977, mine I guess around 1978
Serial number
Lens f = 116 mm, f 9.4
Film format Polaroid integral SX-70 film
Special features Instant film camera
Accessories Polatronic 1 flash
Manufactured by Polaroid Corporation
Date of purchase
Price – 
Place of purchase Our basement in the black forest

Tips & Tricks: The newer films from “impossible project” are very sensible to light in the first minutes, so cover the picture when it leaves the camera. And don’t forget: the new films have only 8 pictures in a box, your camera counts till ten before it “tells” you to buy a new one.

Film purchase & processing: Buy them at the guys from impossible project. Processing is done by the camera.


5 thoughts on “The Polaroid 3000 / Pronto! RF

  1. My first Polaroid camera was one of the older packfilm cameras. My grandparents bought it for me one Christmas. I still have most of the photos I took, but as with your Polaroid camera the film was really expensive and kept me from using it more. I could shoot two or three rolls (with processing) of film in my old Brownie for about the same cost as one pack of Polaroid film.

  2. A Polaroid camera brings back childhood memories. When suddenly everybody was able to shoot those instant photos. But to be honest, I never really liked the pics that came out. And the colours weren’t that great in the first place.

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