Elicon 35 C front

The Elicon 35 C

There are many ways how you build a camera collection: by brand, by type, by film format, by period, by country or…. by accident, which is the way my collection grows and grows. As I wrote earlier, I needed an auxiliary viewfinder for my Altissa Altix V. Due to certain restrictions flea markets were not an option, so I turned to eBay instead. I found a viewfinder, bid, and lost. But when I checked the sellers other auctions, I found a suspiciously cheap Konica C35 EF and immediately placed my offer. When I checked the offer the next day, I realized that I did neither read the title nor the description properly: the camera was an Elicon 35 C, made in the USSR by BeLOMO. Although I did not really want this camera, I won the auction for 9,38 € (shipping included) and after the first test I am quite happy with this accident.

About the Elicon 35 C

The simplest way to describe the camera would be “a cheaper build Konica C35 EF clone from the USSR, now Belarus” although I could not find any proof for this “copycat” claim. However, the similar design, the identical size or the fact that the Konica lens cap also fits on the Elicon 35 C might prove my point. (Also that the prototype’s flash mount looked even closer like the Konica than the final production line). It’s a simple viewfinder camera with manual, unaided focus, a CdS Light meter and automatic exposure and a built-in flash (revolutionary when the Konica was released in 1975, not so revolutionary any more in 1982 when the Elicon followed). Information (in English or German) is rare (both site were linked before), I keep in mind what a copywriter once told me: “If you have nothing to say, keep it short at least”:

  • The camera was build by BeLomo from 1982 till 1990
  • Later models had manual aperture settings and based on it the first soviet autofocus camera was built
  • It’s equipped with a 2.8 / 38 Industar 95 lens
  • Shutter speeds range from 1/8 to 1/500 while the aperture stops down from 2.8 to 16
  • To power it, you’ll need two AA batteries
  • There are various versions for export and domestic markets, sovietcams.com claims that “it’s almost impossible to find two visually identical cameras” so whatever you find might look different

The differences to the Konica are

  • There is no indicator which aperture the camera uses
  • No separate battery for the light meter needed
  • No way to attach a strap to the camera’s body
  • Distance scale instead of symbols for zone focus
  • No self-timer
  • The camera is lighter

Taking pictures with the Elicon 35 C

Insert two AA batteries, as the camera does not operate without. Pull out the rewind crank, open the back and insert the film “as usual”. Close the back, set the film speed on the front of the leans (25-400 ISO), advance the film. To focus, guess. There are no depth of field marks, but as you don’t know which aperture the camera choses, they would be useless anyway. The shutter release is on the top right. In low light, activate the flash with the switch underneath of it, wait till the ready light is red and shot. Or use a tripod and a cable release. When the film is full, press the release button under the camera and rewind.

As its Japanese sibling, the Elicon is not the most elegant camera, but it’s cheap and fun to use. And: You can never forget your flash!

ModellElicon 35 C
Year built?, the cameras were produced between 1982 & 1990
Serial number8944591
LensIndustar 2.8/38
ShutterLeaf shutter
Film format35mm
Special featuresBuilt in flash
Manufactured byBeLomo
Date of purchase01/2021
Preis9,38 €
Place of purchaseeBay

Tips & Tricks shooting with the Elicon 35C

If you look under the lens (for example while writing an article for your blog) you will find zone focus marks.

Film purchase & processing

The camera can use any 35 mm film, but as it is fully automatic, IDO should be between 25 and 400 ISO.

Useful Links

I did not find any links then a Russian Wikipedia article and some descriptions on sovietcams.com, all linked above.


My pictures on Flickr

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3 thoughts on “The Elicon 35 C

  1. Interesting! It definitely looks similar to the Konica C35 EF. As for self-timer, the earliest version of the EF didn’t have one, so perhaps they based it off of that?

    This makes me wish I still had my C35 EF. I’d like to find another one, this time with a self-timer. But it seems like a lot of them have broken flash and broken rewind knobs.

    Oh yeah, your link leads to your Zenit 11 album on Flickr. I think you meant this:https://www.flickr.com/photos/christoph_hille/albums/72157718273530497

    1. I fixed the broken rewind of my Konica with a bent leftover crank from an Olympus pen, didn’t know it’s a common problem. The lens of the C 35 EF plays in a different league (or better on a different planet) but the pictures of the Elicon are nice enough to fix that link 😉 thanks!

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