The Collection Catalog

Why this blog? In 2009 I started collecting cameras and since then, people sometimes ask me about them. Recently I realized, that I did not collect the information about them, which films to use, how to repair them, where and when I bought the cameras etc. in one place. As my collection grows an grows, I believe it’s time to start a little catalog. The cameras and posts are sorted in the order of purchase, the first entry will be therefore a review of the Pentax auto 110 super, which started this collection.

Meine Kamera Sammlung


6 thoughts on “The Collection Catalog

      1. Ah.. I was hoping you would know a store who sold them for less. Its so expensive… I’ll get some in Amsterdam then. Thanks anyway! 🙂

      2. Sometimes I see some cheaper ones at eBay, but in my eyes the older impossible films fade out too fast, so I stuck with fresh ones. As I don’t buy them online, I save at least the mailing cost. But on the other hand, I use the instant cameras so rarely that it doesn’t matter too much.

  1. just a note to say that i love your blog and i’ve used it as a reference for building my own film camera collection. thanks Christoph!

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