Alle meine Kameras und alles was ich über sie weiss. All my cameras and everything I know about them.


Have fun. Viel Spaß

Christoph Hille

Short note: As I still didn’t figured out how to build a bilingual blog on a free wordpress.com account, I use a little workaround using categories.


10 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Raj, great you like them! I didn’t do any post on those pictures, b w film was Kodak Tri-x, and for the color Fuji superia 200 and the UV filter.
      For some I ignored the “A” setting and just used the 2.8 for example the nearly b&w shot with the green bulb.
      Cheers to India from Berlin,

  1. Hi Christoph,

    Wow. Thanks for the FAST reply.
    Really nice to hear no post-processing!
    Do you do your own development? If so what is the chemistry or method you use?

    Cheers to Berlin from India.

    1. Hi Raj, as I’m a bit more into collecting than photography itself, I just drop them at the next drugstore. They process, print and scan for 7 € and the results are fine for me…

  2. Hi, bought recently a Yashica 35 GTN … paid 59€, and only flaw I first found was a pushed in battery check button, but that was easy to fix ( open, adjust the inside switch a bit and fixed its position), everything else seems to work fine … but: lightseals were rott and sticky ( does the Kameradoktor still sells them?) AND it seems I cant get my split images in focus alined, the lighten up one always seems a bit on top of the other one, means higher … can it be adjusted?

      1. Hi Christoph, Dropped him a mail yesterday … yes, I hope so too … maybe the camera got dropped once ( or whatever ) as the battery check button was all in … would the image be still sharp if I get it mostly alined and just the lighten up image sat a bit higher?

      2. Checked the flickr-group post, but the link to how to adjust doesn’t work anymore …

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